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The importance of Puzzle Play in toddlers

Puzzles comes in all different shape, sizes, themes and colors. Puzzles can be played from early childhood straight through to adulthood. I just love the way puzzle building challenges my thinking and it’s good exercise for our brains too. I would like to share a few benefits and how to get your little one engaging… Continue reading The importance of Puzzle Play in toddlers

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A letter to my Husband on Father’s Day

Dear Husband, You and I started off, both in relationships, but glimpsing at each other when we first met ten years ago. Ten years ago I had been in love with a boy. I thought I knew what love was, and what I wanted in all future relationships after that one had ended. I can… Continue reading A letter to my Husband on Father’s Day

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Your child is growing up

Kids grow up so fast. I was sitting on the couch watching Mason (3 years, turning 4) sitting on the floor playing with little Jason (8 months). Seeing Mason next to Jason, made reality so much more real, seeing him being much bigger and doing so much by himself, made me realize that he isn't… Continue reading Your child is growing up