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Best remedy for diaper rash

What to use for a diaper rash?

I have seen this question pop-up around social media A LOT!

Me being a Mommy of two have gone through this a few times myself. I tried all the home remedies I read on Google and Social Media. I tried all the old wife’s tales. Nothing seemed to help for the times our babies were teething more than one tooth at a time.
Some of the diaper rashes got so severe that you could see blood piercing through the skin.

FINALLY, I found something that worked wonders.

So, I would love to share our bum cream remedy that Hubby and I have put together.
We have been using it for years now.
We use it daily and have not had another diaper rash.





  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (I used the Johnson’s Baby Jelly Fragrance Free)
  • Corn Starch (I used Maizena)
  • Antipeol Ointment
    (Antipeol contains Zinc oxide that is an effective treatment for severe nappy rash)
  • Zinc and Castor Oil cream (I used Clicks brand)
  • 1/2 litre container with lid


  • Scoop the Vaseline into container (250ml)
  • Empty Antipeol Ointment tube (18g) into container
  • Empty Zinc and Castor Oil cream (125ml)
  • Pour 6 heaped tablespoons of the Corn Starch into container (90ml)
  • MIX WELL (ensure there are no corn starch clots, you want a smooth texture)
    Note: If the mixture seems runny, you may add (little-by-little) more corn starch to thicken to a paste consistency
  • Store in sealed container @ room temperature
  • Use with every diaper change


My suggestions regarding a diaper rash:

  • You can give your babies a rooibos tea bath
    (simply add the rooibos tea bag to the water and let it steep until the water has changed in color)
  • After bathing, ensure the area is clean and properly dry (air-drying the rash is best)
  • Apply the above bum cream recipe
    Note: You can sprinkle additional corn starch on top of the bum cream (like powder) to ensure the area keeps dry for longer
Corn Starch Powder


  • Change the diaper as soon as possible after they get soiled or wet. Check the diaper at least every 2 hours
  • Ensure your hands are clean before changing a diaper and wash thoroughly after as well
  • Avoid using wipes until the rash has completely subsided, wipe with a warm clean cloth, air-dry and apply bum cream
  • Get a good probiotic for your baby to use daily (I use Reuterina Probiotic Drops)

Please keep in mind, if babies rash does not go away or improves within 3 days of keeping it clean, making regular diaper changes and applying cream – you need to seek medical advise.
A diaper rash that is consistent might be an allergic reaction, yeast or fungal infections that is easily treated by your medical practitioner via a topical / steriod cream that is obtainable through a script

I really hope that our bum cream recipe works for your little one and that there will be no need for a doctors visit

Leave me a reply, I would love to hear about your remedies / methods that worked well for your littles.



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