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Your child is growing up

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Kids grow up so fast. I was sitting on the couch watching Mason (3 years, turning 4) sitting on the floor playing with little Jason (8 months). Seeing Mason next to Jason, made reality so much more real, seeing him being much bigger and doing so much by himself, made me realize that he isn’t my little baby anymore.

Kids grow up so fast, in a blink of on eye they are on their way becoming and adult.

It hurts if you start counting the years left until your baby is 18 years old and going off to Collage/University and leaving the nest.

Growing up and becoming adults is the sad reality of raising kids.
But we can make a point of it to cherish each day, each month, each year as they grow.


Making this precious time when our kids are kids last is really important. We have to grab on and hold on to every special and precious moment of them growing up. We need to realize how important this time is. We only get one chance – we need to start living in the moment and actively enjoy the time we have with our children.

I have listed a few things to try:

Just by being more present in the moment.
Hold your baby a little while longer when you cradle them to sleep
Take pictures of everything , everyday – these are the memories that will last
Document their achievement, from the first tooth to the first time pooping on the potty, – I love to journal about my boys on a daily basis to document all their happenings.
Make a memory box of them for yourself
Hold your darling babies hand as long as they let you
Hug & kiss them every morning and each bed time
Tell them “I love you” every day
Before going to bed, check on them while they sleep
Tuck them into bed or lay with them until they fall asleep
Reading before bedtime is my favorite thing to do with Mason – Read or tell them a bedtime story every night
Try and teach them new skills
Laugh with your kids, make them laugh until your cheeks hurt
Make family dinner a priority and talk about their day
Comfort them when they are sad or hurt without dismissing their feelings
Have one-on-one date nights with them, doing something they want to do and love
Let them cook with you, this way you teaching them a new skill and spending time together
Reward them for good deeds, spoiling them is also okay
Listen to them, even if its the same story from 10 minutes ago – It really means a lot to child
Take time to listen and respond
Have one day where you leave all the cleaning and chores and just enjoy your kids in the moment
Write notes of encouragement, love or inspiration for their lunchbox notes
And most important of all – be present and be your child’s biggest cheerleader

T R Y     N O T     T O     B L I N K          –          I T     G O E S     B Y     S O     F A S T ! ! !


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