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Leandri Marx Photography


I found Leandri Marx Photography on social media. When I saw her photos, I had to do a photo-shoot with her.

Leandri is one of those fun, energetic and lovely ladies you could spend the whole day with. She is so good with our kiddies, and if you have kids, you know how difficult a three-year-old can be.
I don’t know how, but she does it.

I’m personally not someone who loves being photographed. I would rather be the one behind the camera. But Leandri makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin, you can spend hours taking photos and not feel uncomfortable or feel like you are doing it all wrong.

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She makes you feel comfortable and assists you (we are not all models) with your poses and make everything effortless.

I also love the way Leandri doesn’t edit her photos that they look unrealistic or make you look plastic. I love a natural look!
It’s normal, we all age, we all have wrinkles and lines.
This is what tells our life stories.

Our first photo-shoot we booked with Leandri was a Maternity Photo-Shoot.
(I was pregnant with our second son, Jason)

Our second photo-shoot was Jason’s New-Born Photo-Shoot.

Our third photo-shoot was our Christmas Photo-Shoot.

Our last photo-shoot was our Family Photo-Shoot – to date.

She will most definitely see much more of our little family as we grow old and the little ones grow up.



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Contact Number: 083 403 3135



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