My Bad Mom Moment

Tonight I feel like a bad Mother 😣


I just yelled at my 3-year-old boy, Mason!? 😯 😢😭


I always try to be the calm and collected one, to be an example for our little ones – no matter the circumstances.

I took Mason upstairs, tucked him in, said our good night prayers and gave him his good night kiss.

He just wanted me to lay with him a little while longer after tucking him into bed. So I did.

Then he asked me to go sit with him because he wanted to go number 2. So I did.

After tucking him again, he started telling me what will happen tomorrow at school and having one hell-of-a-conversation. So I listened. I then asked him for (I lost count of how many times) to lay down and close his eyes and have sweet dreams and kissed him good night – again.

He then again asked for water and another 5 more minutes of Mommy laying down with him. So I gave him some water and laid down another while.

Finally I got up and told him. Mommy is going to bed now as I also have to get up early for work and he has to get up early for school and we shouldn’t be tired tomorrow. – Keep in mind, this is now 10pm already and we get up at 5h30am.

I completely lost it!!! Yelling at Mason to please go to sleep and then I started crying with him, having a Mommy meltdown because of lack of sleep and exhaustion of everyday chores.


I woke up the night before for our 6 month old son, Jason. (He had a bad night) Mason also never took his afternoon nap. I did all the dishes, bottles, laundry, cleaned the whole house, cooked dinner, fed and bathed the kids and on top of everything I’m anemic – this causes me to always tired. (I am busy treating my anemia as my iron levels are only 6.6 currently. This is so low that I can go into cardiac arrest)

Please know, I’m not using any of the above as an excuse, I just need a break. Saying that, that broke me even more. 💔How can a mother say she needs a break from something she loves and adores so much?😢 Luckily Hubby came to our rescue 💪 He laid down with Mason till he fell asleep. It is now 11pm 🙈

I feel so bad but reality is…

We as parents need a break once in a while or we will snap and take it out on those innocent babies. We need “ME” time, we need quite time, we need to just have – even just a few hours a week – to ourselves or with our spouse.🏖

We need to unwind and relax in order to do our job as parents and be there for our little ones when they need 5 more minutes of Mommy time or just to tell you a story.

So to all parents out there.

Please, ensure you make time for yourselves in-order to be the best you can be for the little ones.

Don’t wait till you snap to realise this. I promise you, it’s a horrible feeling to feel so disappointed in yourself after the meltdown. Or see your little ones face after you have snapped.

Thank you for taking the time reading my blog.


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2 thoughts on “My Bad Mom Moment”

  1. I kind of want to tell you don’t feel bad about snapping at your child. He’ll forgive you easily. Plus little ones tend to take chances 🙂 And yes we get tired as parents. Remember you give so much to your children.

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