A Letter To My Husband

Dear Len,

Without you I would not have been able to experience and receive these wonderful blessings in life. You and our little family is my most precious blessings from above.

You have stood by me through thick and thin. When things got rough and I got emotional, even the times I pushed you away, you just kept at it and I love you for that.

You have pushed me to accomplish so much more than I ever thought possible.
Your perseverance of sticking with me shows me how true your love is for me, even when I test your love.

I want to thank you for blessing me with our two beautiful boys, Mason and Jason. They bring so much joy to my life and without you and your support, I would be nothing.

You took responsibility as a father like a BOSS. As I struggled with my postpartum depression, you were there for Mason and Myself. Without complaining of having to deal with my emotions and a baby that never stopped crying.

And when Jason came, you were the best supportive husband I could have asked for. Me dealing with the discomfort and pain of my cesarean, you cooked for us, sorted the kids out, helped me with the smallest task I could not complete myself. I promise you, it was then that I realized how amazing you are, the best Husband and Father anyone could ever ask for.

Our relationship may be strange, but my love for you is never ending. You are an inspiration to me. You take on so many tasks at home, with the kids and at work, never once complaining about them. You go to the ends of the earth to provide for our family with everything we need. Just know, not one thing goes by unnoticed.

I am truly so proud of the man you have become. You have grown so much.
You are the most fun, loving and inspiring father any boy could dream of. A Hero to Mason and his best friend. You are the most love-able, supportive husband any wife could ever ask for. Always there when I need a shoulder to cry on or just a helping hand.

I am so proud to call myself your wife. You and our boys, you are my world.

I promise to love, cherish and treat you as a blessing for as long as I live.
Everyday I will treasure you as you are the greatest gift from above.

I will always love you

Your Wife,



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