Apology Letter To My Youngest, Jason


I am sorry Mommy did not capture each step and special moment while you were growing inside of my tummy.

Sorry for not singing to you and talking to you as much as I could have, it was really difficult being a Mommy to your older brother, Mason, working a full time job, cooking, doing housework and keeping up with your progress over the months.


Being pregnant took a lot out of  Mommy, and keeping up with all the day-to-day things and with your two year brother, at the time, was extremely exhausting.


Mommy did try her best to talk to you every night before going to bed, I apologize for the nights I did fell asleep whilst talking to and never finishing our conversation.

I apologize not for taking monthly progress photos of the growth of my belly while you were getting bigger each day.


I apologize not for getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet while you were growing inside of me.

I apologize for the stress you had to feel, mommy just got so emotional and hormonal while I was pregnant with you.

I apologize not for resting while Mommy was on maternity leave, instead, Mommy cleaned the house daily and this affected you coming early. Luckily we were blessed when you decided to join us, you were strong and healthy enough to enter this world and become apart of our little family.

I apologize for not being quick enough when it came to your feeds and nappy changes in the beginning.  Mommy had to have a C-Section because of the bridged position you were laying in when you decided it was time to enter this world.
With the C-Section, Mommy struggled with a lot of things, but we were fortunate to have Daddy there for a week to assist.

I am sorry it took me two weeks to recover from the pain and struggles of the C-Section, not being able to carry you around for long periods of  time, for not being quick enough when you started crying to feed you or change your diaper.

I am sorry for getting you circumscribed at only 9 days old. Mommy and Daddy did this to prevent you from going through what your older brother had to go through at age 2.

I apologize for not spending every minute with you that Mommy has. Mommy and Daddy has to work to provide you and your brother with everything you need and want.
Mommy has to clean, wash dishes, do laundry and cook to keep the house running. Mommy also has to be there for your big brother, Mason, to ensure he eats, brush his teeth, bath and is a happy boy too.

Just know, every minute Mommy has with you, I cherish and I am so great-full to have you in our little family. You are such a content and happy baby and don’t give us as much grief as your brother did. We are so blessed to have you and I love seeing your little toothless smile every day.


Just know that Mommy and Daddy loves you dearly and we will always be here for you, no matter what. Even with the busy weekdays and we only get to see each other for a short time, I still love you with all I am and with my whole heart and soul.

You and your brother, you both are my life and I just want you to be happy. I will always pray for you and do my best to love you and keep you safe.


Never forget, Mommy loves you. Mommy will always be here when you need someone to talk to, share or just need some motherly comfort or love.


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