Not Your Average Tuesday

Around 3am Jason, our 5month old want nothing to do with sleeping, moaning and groaning for about an hour. This is how my Tuesday started…


I got back to bed, hubby snoring like a hibernating bear. Already tired and somewhat irritated, now I have to listen to the annoying sound coming from this human.

Finally I fell asleep.

Woke up in shock when I saw it was already half an hour past than what what we normally wake up.

Both myself and hubby jumped out of bed, finished ourselves, the kids and tidied up the house. 5 Minutes before work started, we were only dropping of our boys.

Luckily it only took us 15minutes to get to work, so we weren’t as late as I anticipated. It’s amazing how quickly you can get things done when you really have too haha.

Work was work as usual, but much more relaxing than my Tuesday morning.

Got home, got everything ready for bath time, bed time and dinner. When 5pm came, hubby and I fetched the boys at daycare.

This is when the fun started….

Jason, our 5month old baby just had a bottle before we picked him up from daycare. Got home. Passed Jason to hubby, there goes Jason spitting-up all over hubby’s shoes and work shirt. This happened 3 times in a row.

Mason, our 3year old, wanted to play in his sand box. I agreed for him to play. As he finished playing, he closed the lid of the sandbox, closing it on his finger, crying for 15minutes straight. Mommy soothing Mason until the crying eventually stopped.

Finally Jason ate, took a bath, had his bottle and was off to bed.

We put Mason in the bath, minutes later Mason started screaming profoundly. He pooped in the bath.


This meant clearing all the bath toys, washing them and cleaning the bath. Run a new bath and finishing Mason off.

This might sound like a normal day to some mommies, but for me it was a disappointment of a Tuesday.

I am truly hoping for a more relaxing night and much easier day for Wednesday.

Luckily I do have my loving hubby and his support through all the bad and difficult days.


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