Pregnancy & Birth

My emergency C-section

The day our baby boy Jason was born – 11 September 2017


This was so challenging for me as I really wanted to have a natural birth as I did with our first son Mason, unfortunately Jason was a bridged baby.

My C-section was booked for the 12th September 2017 at 6am, but Baby Jason decided to come a day early.

I went to my Gynecologist for my last check up before the scheduled C-section on the 11th September 2017. He stated everything still looked good and I would be able to walk for at least another 2 weeks if I had a natural birth.

I had a normal day after seeing the Gynecologist. I sat and watched some TV and finished packing my hospital bag for the next morning.

Late afternoon pregnancy took over and I started cleaning the floors. I first vacuumed our wooden floors and then started mopping.

After mopping, around 5pm, my stomach started cramping. I didn’t thought much of it, only that my tummy was upset and I had to go to the loo. I sat on the loo for a few minutes, but nothing came from it.

As I stood up, I saw some discharge (this is what people like to call THE SHOW)
I immediately took a picture and asked my oldest sister, “what is this, is this normal, what should I do?”

She just laughed and said, it’s your show, you need to go to the hospital immediately.

At this point, we didn’t know what to do with our 2year old son, Mason.  This is when my oldest sister said, she will take me to the hospital until hubby can sort out Mason and bring my hospital bag.

My oldest sister Nadia took me to the hospital. On the way there the contractions started to get real. As we got to the hospital, I was booked in and put on a monitor to keep track of the contractions and baby Jason’s heartbeat. At this time I was already 5cm dilated, so the nurses starting prepping me for the C-section, doing the catheter and putting the needles in for the drips etc. Nadia stayed with me till just after 8pm until hubby arrived.


Shortly after hubby arrived, the contractions got so bad, I was screaming like those ladies in the movies giving birth. (Keep in mind, my first son, I had an epidural and felt nothing)

Within minutes my Gynecologist arrived to do the C-section. At this point I was already 8cm dilated. I was pushed into theater and BAM, spinal was done, onto another table, laid down, strapped and they started the C-section.

Little Baby Jason was born


Everything went so quick and you cant see whats going on as you have a green screen in front of you and you cant feel whats happening because of the spinal tap.

This is why I personally prefer the natural birth, you can still avoid pain and see what is happening and how. With the C-section, it felt so impersonal.

But when I heard little Jason’s cry for the first time, knowing all was OK. I just started laughing as I was so relieved and overpowered by joy. When the nurse brought him close to me to have our first kiss, that made it all worth while.


Even though nothing went as planned. It was still a very magical memorable moment for us all.


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